• December 8, 2020

12 Days of Learning

How are an LXP and a car linked to each other? What do koalas have to do with learning? Find out during the ’12 days of learning’!

Here you get tips and tricks for your learning and development and you also get to know some of our content from the year 2020. Stay tuned, more learning tips coming every weekday until the 23rd of December. Happy holidays!

“– it’s not good enough just to take the old model and digitize it. You get the most value when you really fundamentally redefine what you are and what you do.”

– David Perring, Fosway Group

Watch the webinar Beyond the Hype: The Realities of Digital Learning and discover which technologies are really working in L&D and which are just hype or wishful thinking.

“I think that it’s the heart of an LXP to have good APIs, because without the APIs, an LXP would be like a car without tires. You can sit in it, but you won’t get too far with it.”

– Mika Kuikka, Valamis

On the webinar Who Needs an LXP?, you will learn about the core features of an LXP and the differences between an LMS and LXP.

“We’re going to talk about koalas.”

– Lori Niles-Hofmann, NilesNolen

Koalas? Why not? In the webinar What is your learning data really telling you? you can also learn what your data can show you and how you can use data to enable change in your organization.

“Choose a transparent vendor that will grow with you, because not all problems of the future will be known today.”

– Katy Roby Peters, Valamis

To get more tips on how to evaluate different learning solutions read the blog Beyond the Buzzwords: How to Find a Learning Platform.

“When we talk about transformation, we’re talking not only about a technology change, but also cultural, system and structural changes. And, most importantly, it’s about our people as well. It’s not just a case of switching on some new tech.”

– Sam Moat, AlixPartners

How to begin a successful learning transformation at your organization? Watch the webinar Transforming your organization’s learning culture and get an answer.

“We need to be thinking about flexible learning, not just content creation. We need to be thinking about how we actively listen, how we learn ourselves, and how we adapt as we work with the organization, not for the organization.”

– Laura Overton

On the webinar Creating learning for the new world of work you will learn how to build solid foundations for a thriving digital learning culture.

“Get a testimonial from those most active learners and get others excited to do the same.”

– Paige Kracke, OpenSesame

Watch the webinar 5 Tips for Increasing Your Learning Ecosystem’s eLearning Utilization and get best practices for engaging your learners and creating a successful L&D strategy.

“The learning experience is about so much more than accessing content!”

– David Perring, Fosway Group

The blog Where Are We in Delivering Next Gen Learning Experiences? gives you an insight into learning experiences. Have you ever wondered what kind of learning experiences you want to create?

”Believe in your own value.”

– Laura Overton

How can L&D create value together with business leaders? The webinar Making a smarter business case for L&D looks at how to develop more intelligent business cases that combine facts and instinct.

“But who’s watching one hour long webinars afterwards?”

– Janne Hietala, Valamis

Searching and finding the right information is crucial these days. On the webinar Making your organisation fit for the future you can explore the DNA of tomorrow’s high performing teams.

“Pure exploration of data can help you find something you didn’t even know to look for.”

– Tom Ridley, Valamis

Sometimes it’s a good idea to look beyond your set goals and explore the data you’ve gathered to see what’s hiding in there. Data of Learning – Workbook gives you insight into the learning data and helps to leverage learning data in your organization.

“Luckily, all we need for learning throughout our lives is positive attitude and a growth mindset.”

-Riina Siikanen, Valamis

In her blog article, Corporate Learning and Sustainability – What Do They Have To Do With Each Other? our HRD Specialist Riina Siikanen finds out that writing about sustainability and corporate learning is not such an easy task after all.

This was 12 Days of Learning! We hope you have enjoyed our little snippets of content and found something useful or inspiring. We wish you Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing you next year!