• September 16, 2015

Valamis Beer – New Blood

There’s something common with hardcore programming professionals and craft beer. Both defy masses and aim for unique perfect quality. Drink ordinary beer and you might just get what you thought you were looking for, but it’s never going to exceed your expectations. Get the job done by nonprofessionals and even if it might barely work, you rarely get the real satisfaction for ending up with far more than you were even dreaming of.

We at Valamis have what it takes. Professional quality that you only find among the best. People with skills and the will not only to satisfy but to exceed highest of expectations. Internet & ATK to get the task done and the ability to co-operate, proven by countless successful projects all over Finland and even beyond our borders.

One of our less typical but nonetheless dearest companions is Hiisi Panimo, a brewer who gave birth to Internet & ATK black IPA. It’s been only a year, but boy have we both grown. A new beer is brewing constantly in Hiisi Panimo’s premises and the calendar is filled with reservations for months to come. Quality breeds respect, respect helps to spread the gospel of craft beer even further.

If Hiisi has grown, so have we. There’s new blood in the company, eager professionals ready to show the world what they’re capable of. Selected from among the many only the very best and promising fit in our growing horde, committed to solving even the hardest of challenges. We have grown from few to many, and we’re celebrating it with a new brew.

But beer is a living, unpredictable beast. Even the smallest hitch in the process can have unpredictable results, turning the result into something not originally planned. That’s where pride in the work comes in. Some would be happy to settle for almost good, almost ready and somewhat usable. Not us, and not Hiisi Panimo.

We don’t stop until both us and our friends are completely satisfied. In face of difficulties we analyze the problem, figure out the solution and keep working until we’re proud of what we have been able to achieve. And trust me, we will never settle for mediocrity.

That’s the story New Blood Scotch Ale tells. It’s gone a long way from idea to rough and controversial test batch, from test batch to first attempt to capture the spirit of our new employees and finally to end product that’s been skillfully crafted to perfection.

Just like our new employees, it’s a proud, bold and yet heavyweight brew that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Combination of heavy duty maltiness hops to add complexity and reddish color to reflect the name is something rarely seen in Finland before. It embodies the spirit of professionalism, persistence, and willingness to only settle for perfection.

We have new blood, fresh power, and youthful professionalism ready to amaze you. If you’ve been working with us, you already know what I’m talking about. If you’re just getting to know us, get ready for a ride you’ll remember. And if you are lucky enough to get yourself a bottle of New Blood, savor the taste of quality, power, and enthusiasm that’s Valamis.


Juho Anttila

Head of Engineering, Valamis

Juho Anttila has been working in IT-industry for almost 25 years in variety of software development, architecture design and team lead -related tasks. In Valamis Juho is responsible of technical leadership of product development. Juho is a DevOps enthusiast whose biggest ambition is making Valamis an elite level performing technology organisation.