• November 2, 2017

Valamis Beer – Welcome to the Fresh New Future

In the beginning, we had the Internet & ATK, those magical tools that keep changing the world for the better. Still, that was not enough as miracles can only happen when there are the right people using the right tools. It was time to get New Blood onboard to answer the call and deliver solutions that help people and organizations reach even higher.

With our new shiny tools and excellent people, it was time to come up with a plan. Should we think small and modest or are we rather destined for something bigger? A bit of a non-question, really, as we are not ones to go for half measures. Setting out to Command & Conquer the world with our solutions, that was to be our grand plan.

With the right tools, people and plan, it was time to realize our dream. Heads up high, facing the future and on towards new lands. We had already set our feet on Russian and American soil and now we headed towards Germany and the United Kingdom. Thus Neuland, new unknown territory.

As we expand our horizons, we have some new friends too. The excellent Hiisi Brewery from Jyväskylä walked with us for three years, producing three fine and unique beers. To celebrate our ever-ongoing renewal we decided to reach for the unknown also brewery-wise. This time it was Maistila from Oulu who rose to the challenge and took it upon themselves to produce something we have never done before.

Never afraid of challenges, we have so far favored strong beer. From black IPA to wee heavy and onto mighty imperial stout, Valamis Snobby Beer Club has always challenged the boundaries. Neuland does the same but in a slightly different way.

Our new office in Wiesbaden, Germany calls for something inherently German. At the same time, we want to express our youthful and fresh look at life. Berliner Weisse is a beer that has all that going on in it. Refreshing and light by itself, it got an even more summery bite when we decided to add orange and tangerine to the mix.

Winter might soon be upon us, if not already, but that doesn’t slow us down one bit. We keep going on towards unknown territory armed with a bold attitude and fresh, new ideas. Neuland is a beer that represents that by its very nature.



Juho Anttila

Head of Engineering, Valamis

Juho Anttila has been working in IT-industry for almost 25 years in variety of software development, architecture design and team lead -related tasks. In Valamis Juho is responsible of technical leadership of product development. Juho is a DevOps enthusiast whose biggest ambition is making Valamis an elite level performing technology organisation.