Valamis Achieves Platinum Partner Status with Liferay

Liferay, the provider of the world's leading open-source enterprise-class portal platform, announced today that Finnish firm Valamis has been granted the highly regarded Platinum Partner status. Valamis has a strong focus on open-source consulting and is a leader in Finland in developing and providing solutions and services based on the Liferay portal.

Valamis has distinguished itself by achieving platinum status hard on the heels of its silver and gold partnerships.

"In the last twelve months, Valamis has managed to leap all the way from silver status to platinum status. That's an incredible accomplishment," says Ross Kennedy, General Manager International of Liferay. "One of the things that truly separates Valamis is their attention to customer success. Most organizations and companies will first look to see how they can sell, but Valamis is more interested in the customer's success, realizing that its own prosperity is largely tied to the customer's continuity."

Valamis was granted its platinum partnership for the key role it has played in developing the open-source ecosystem in Finland, and the tremendous growth in its engagement in creating and selling Liferay-based solutions. Valamis has been able to demonstrate the benefits of its solutions and Liferay to some major customers, such as the Finnish government, which recently purchased an open web services package worth € 2.7 million for offices and bureaus within the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. But Valamis' strengths also lie in its vision of its future role in Finland's fast-developing markets.

"We're really happy to be Liferay partners. We've been able to drive bigger projects forward during the last 12 months and to drive cost savings in the public sector and government," says Janne Hietala, CCO of Valamis, "but what we're going to see in the next 12 to 24 months is a big expansion in open source adoption in Finland, especially Liferay, creating an ecosystem where new products are developed."

Open-source solutions have the advantage of offering reproducibility, availability and flexibility, which also means cost-savings for the customer. This is true of Valamis' much-praised Valamis - Learning Experience Platform, a next-generation learning environment which adopts a host of modern technologies – such as social learning, xAPI and SCORM, and the latest learning techniques such as gamification – for online learning.

"When we, at Valamis, develop a project in Liferay, we need to consider which parts of the project can and should be re-used and how to make it generic so that it works as an application or add-on. These can then be distributed to other organizations using Liferay, creating a lot of reusability, cost-savings and innovation," concludes Hietala.

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