Valamis Awarded Best App in Liferay Marketplace 2014 with Vahtie Survey and Feedback Solution

IT services company Valamis, based in Joensuu, Eastern Finland, has won the international Liferay Marketplace App Contest for the second time in a row. This year's winning app is the Vahtie survey and feedback management solution. The Vahtie solution automatically collects, processes and reports feedback received and can be integrated with other systems. Through its international contest Liferay sought to identify the best Liferay app.

Vahtie is a powerful survey and feedback management solution, which enables organizations to gather employee, customer and research insights. It is designed to support large-scale organizations natively on the Liferay platform. Vahtie has been tried and tested in production and is currently used by tens of thousands of users in various organizations.

Vahtie was developed using Vaadin 7 in Liferay 6.2 EE. Its single portlet solution provides an easy to use but a versatile user interface for organizations of any size.

Vahtie enables large organizations to improve their business and operations based on feedback and research insight. Whether you are performing 360-degree reviews or gaining insights on engagements through various channels, Vahtie will allow you to gather and visualize data in real time. I am excited that we are able to provide Vahtie - Survey and Insight via Liferay Marketplace, says Janne Hietala, CCO at Valamis.

Vahtie is also the perfect addition to Valamis - Learning Experience Platform, in the gathering of automated student and course feedback. Also developed by Valamis, the Valamis e-learning application was last year's winning app in the Liferay Marketplace App Contest.

Additional Details

For more information, contact:

Valamis Ltd
Janne Hietala
+358 40 831 4245