Valamis Has Reached Gold Level in Liferay's Partner Program

The world's leading open source portal provider, Liferay, has granted the IT services company Valamis the coveted gold level among its partners. Valamis has increased its market share through its commitment to open-source Liferay technology, while its customers' satisfaction has grown further.

Valamis and Liferay signed an official partnership agreement in 2012. The objective behind the collaboration for Valamis was the ability to serve even larger customer organizations than before, to guarantee continued international support and to ensure continuous development of its portal for its customers' benefit.

"We have been very successful in meeting this objective. Our close collaboration with a key technology provider has further strengthened our market position and motivated our competent personnel to work passionately for our customers' success. Larger and more demanding customer organizations than ever before have enthusiastically welcomed Liferay technology. Sizable national-level government bodies are seeking cost savings through centralized web and e-services", says Janne Hietala, CCO at Valamis.

Recently Valamis was selected to provide services for offices and bureaus belonging to the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. For the Finnish government, which is committed to the use of open-source portals, the Liferay deal was the biggest purchase of its kind in Finland, at a value of EUR 2.7 million.

Describing some of the benefits for the customer, Hietala says, "We have strong competence in extensive, centralized Liferay solutions. Open-source development and the reproducibility of systems bring significant savings for the public sector. At the same time, they significantly improve usability, availability, and accessibility."

Within the global open-source development community, Valamis is also known for its work on a Liferay-based learning environment Valamis - Learning Experience Platform. A social learning tool developed by Arcusys won the international Liferay Marketplace App competition in 2013.

Additional Details

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