Learning on demand - How AI is utilized in corporate learning

Date: 8th of November, 3 PM CET
Duration: 45 minutes

Join our investigation on how modern corporate Learning platforms benefit from utilizing AI.

Learn how intelligent Chatbots and predictive analytics can support your training efforts and at the same time engage learners on a more personalized level.

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a fascination for many years and even if we have not yet reached the day of personal androids or holographic interfaces, there are already ways AI is successfully used today. One of those ways is integrating AI into learning platforms to enable them to learn from any interaction and analyze user behaviour in order to improve performance.

As Millennials start to become a growing part of today’s workforce, they expect to work in an environment that can keep up with their technological habits. Everyday interactions with Google or Spotify created a certain level of expectation in technology. But what do giants like Netflix or Amazon do to make people so engaged and loyal? The answer is AI.

The same kind of engagement can be achieved through corporate learning as well. With features like interaction tracking, predictive analytics and data-based recommendations it is possible to create a personalized learning experience that offers the right information to the right person at the exact right time.

But how do machine learning and audience targeting work in practice? Register for our webinar to get an insight into the mechanics of successfully integrated AI in a corporate learning environment.

Key takeaways:

  • Why AI is more than just a fancy marketing buzzword
  • What AI means in terms of corporate learning
  • How AI influences the interaction of employees with a learning platform
  • How AI can improve employee engagement
  • How can AI impact business outcomes in a positive way