Valamis Announces Corporate Name Change to Salamis

The decision to change the company name has resulted from repeated problems where autocorrect changes Valamis to Salamis, creating unnecessary communication issues with customers. Changing the name for the second time within a year illustrates the company’s agility and willingness to meet customer needs.

JOENSUU –  April 1, 2019: Valamis – a global leader in digital learning technologies and workforce development – announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Salamis.

With the name change, the company hopes to overcome communication issues caused by the autocorrect, which automatically replaces ‘Valamis’ with ‘Salamis’ in the company’s official documentation. This has created confusion for Valamis clientele. Salamis is confident that the name change will prevent communication misunderstandings in the future. In addition, the new name will contribute to the company's long-term plan for international growth. Additionally, Salamis’ product name will be changed to Salamis – Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

"The new name – Salamis – allows us to reach our global target audience. We are growing fast; during the past few years, we opened offices to the US, the UK, Germany, and the latest one in the Netherlands. The more we expand, the more interest we have noticed in our Salamis – LXP, particularly within the food industry. We believe that it is also easier for our potential customers to remember our name when the name Salamis already resonates.”
- Jussi Hurskainen, CEO, Salamis.
“We changed our corporate name from Arcusys to Valamis in May 2018. Some may say that it’s crazy to make another name change this fast, but like it has been seen in the past – we are not afraid of change. Just like with Salamis – LXP, we need to adapt to market changes quickly and fearlessly."
- Nea Kolmonen, Head of Marketing, Salamis.

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Nea Kolmonen
Head of Marketing

About Salamis
Salamis is a digital learning company specializing in workforce development. The company develops Salamis - Learning Experience Platform. Salamis' customers are large organizations spanning all industries, but predominantly in finance and insurance, complex manufacturing, and professional services. Headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, Salamis operates internationally with offices in the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia. For more information, please visit

About Salamis - Learning Experience Platform
Salamis LXP is an award-winning platform developed in cooperation with customers. Salamis enables formal, informal, social, and microlearning, content authoring and management tools. Salamis gives users access to in-depth analytics in their learning process by supporting the xAPI standard and a built-in Learning Record Store (LRS). Always utilizing the latest technologies, Salamis brings you a digital learning assistant powered with AI. The platform offers organizations a cost-effective and modular way to upskill their workforce and manage learning and development globally.