We are proud to announce Valamis 3.7 Asteroid!

Valamis 3.7 Asteroid has been now released. In this release, we wanted to focus on making content curation and distribution easier with ValBo, Valamis' Chatbot, and the Slack integration.

Saving and sharing YouTube videos, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations is now super easy with Valamis and the Slack integration. You can upload content directly from Slack to Valamis.

ValBo, Valamis' ChatBot, asks if you want to publish the content as a lesson in Valamis and it can do it automatically for you. The information is easily available for everyone you want, and you can track and analyze how it's being used. You save a lot of valuable time, and learners are able to find the information just in time when they need it, which makes work more effective.

See this short video to learn more:

Valamis is fully EU GDPR Compliant

As the the general data privacy regulation (EU GDPR) takes effect on May 25th, it is important to make sure all platforms that contain European users' data are compliant. A learning management system contains personal and identifiable information, which will need to be compliant with EU GDPR. Valamis 3.7 Asteroid is fully EU GDPR compliant, so you can have total peace of mind!

Other new features in Valamis 3.7 Asteroid

  • Valamis 3.7 Asteroid allows you to manage even more intricacies of the certification process in a deeper manner, giving you the option to choose which learner actions should result in award certificates and which should not.
  • Training event management has become even more comprehensive. Improvements to events include new event settings and features, like sessions, event types, material recommendations, easier attendance checking, etc. These tools will help you efficiently manage training programs, classes, conferences, and webinars for different groups of people.
  • Creating more visually appealing learning materials has become easier than ever with the styling tool improvements in Lesson Studio. Also, the question bank is back as a separate management tool.
  • We will provide long-term support for this version, which means stability and fixes that customers benefit from.

Valamis 3.7 Asteroid Release Notes

A detailed overview of all the new features and improvements is provided in the official release notes. You can view the full release notes from the link below.

Release notes