About Assignments

Not all learning has to be done through online lessons. Teamwork and personal tasks are just as important.

Assignments in Valamis provide the tools to enable this type of learning. 

In Valamis, assignments are tasks that are assigned to users or groups of users, in which they should upload a file or document as a submission.

This submission is then assessed by an instructor, who gives a grade to a group or a single user.

The main view of the Assignments tool shows a list of assignments, which you can filter by categories, statuses (published or draft), and scope (all courses or current course).

You can sort Assignments by their deadline or alphabetically. You can also show or hide assignments with expired deadlines by clicking the corresponding checkbox.

Preferences for Assignments

In Preferences, you can specify the Default scope, Default category, and Maximum submission file size.

If not specified, the corresponding filters will be displayed. If you define the scope or categories in these fields, the filters will not be displayed and assignments will be automatically filtered based on these settings.

Want to provide feedback?

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