Awarding Points for Learning

As an instructor, you can add CPD (continuous professional development) points to content to be awarded to those who complete it. The awarded points can also be divided into categories to help you award different sets of points for the same content. 

Assigning point awards for content

The points awarded for each lesson, learning path, or training event can be assigned to them in the relevant apps: Lesson Manager, Learning Paths, or Training Events. Just find the item you want to edit, and find the Add CPD points dialog.

Choose one or more categories, define the points to be awarded related to each category, and save your changes. 

The total number of points awarded for the content will be visible to you here, as well as to the learners in the content info card of each item, while they browse the platform. 

Assigning point goals

The Points app allows you to assign organization-wide requirements for acquiring points. Once you do, each member of the selected organization will need to accumulate the set number of points during the set time period. 

Browsing for point-awarding content

Learners can browse content to find CPD-awarding content visible in the info cards. They can also filter the content to show only such that awards CPD.