Content Categorization

It’s easier to manage and use diverse learning content when it’s neatly categorized.

In Valamis Learning Solution, we support a special way of categorization in the form of Vocabularies. They are separate sets of categories that follow a hierarchy (where "vocabulary" is at a root level).

Once created, they are then displayed for instructors to categorize the content, as well as for learners in various category fields and filters.

This way of displaying categories is currently implemented for Lessons, Learning Paths and Training Events

You can still use Categories from vocabularies in other pieces of content - they will be shown in a form of a simple list. 

Creating a Vocabulary

To create one, go to the Global site, and from there, go to Content -> Categories.

Once there, click Add Vocabulary to create a new one. You will see the following dialog:

  1. Name 
  2. Describe the vocabulary.
  3. Allow multiple categories - toggles multi-selection of categories from this vocabulary.
  4. Asset type - limit the category to be only available for a certain type of content, e.g. Lessons. 
  5. Required - make it mandatory to select at least one category from here for the asset type in Lesson Manager.
  6. Permissions

Once you have created the parent vocabulary, you can add child categories to it.

Then, in places like Lesson Studio, you will be able to browse and add these categories to your content.