Content Recommendations

When you have an expansive learning environment, it's easy to forget about individual needs of learners. Their personal learning patterns may differ from each other, which makes it important to track and curate the content they consume, automating it, where possible.

Content Rows

On any page, you can add a special area that would show the courses relevant to the user. This app is called Row, which is a horizontal scrollable area that presents different items, depending on its settings. Multiple Rows may be added to a single page, each with different settings and modes.

User recommendations

Row Preferences

  1. The Preferences provide several modes for displaying the content:
    1. Recommendations - this is based on categories that are used for the content, so make sure to create and assign appropriate categories to your items. Whenever a user joins a categorized course, or completes a categorized learning path or lesson, the system will note that as his interest and will start recommending such courses to them. User categories in the User Information - Categorization are used as well, especially if there is no viewing history yet. 
    2. Popular - most popular content overall, based on user activity.
    3. Trending weekly - most popular content during the week.
    4. Trending monthly - most popular content during the month.
    5. Top rated - the content with the highest rating given by users.
  2. Content type displayed in these modes can also be customized in the Content sort type setting. You can select multiple types of content at once: 
    • Course
    • Lesson
    • Learning Path
    • Training Event
    • Integated content, like: LinkedIn Learning, Udemy For Business, Harvard, GetAbstract, etc.
  3. You can select the option to consider user history in cases of Recommendations mode. If turned off, for example, the user will still see the lessons they’ve already passed.
  4. Maximum items to display - you may limit the number of items to display at once.
  5. The content is additionally filterable by categories. By choosing categories here, you will limit the display only to these categories. The OR and AND logic parameters are also available allowing you to define whether to mix different categories, or show one category at a time (refreshing the page randomly chooses one of the categories in the OR logic).
  6. It's also possible to consider user language. This will show the content in the user language, if that localization is available for that content.
  7. Preferences also include settings to display ratings and the number of users who rated the content.
  8. In case, where learning paths are selected to be displayed in the content type setting, you can select Consider skill level requirements, which will only show the learning paths with the requirements the user meets.

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