Content Integrations

We support various content integrations, like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy for Business, Harvard Business Review, GetAbstract, Percipio, and potentially other 3rd party content integrations.

The third-party content can be easily used as part of Valamis learning experience by making them available as learning path goals. Once completed, the learning goal will be completed as well - in case of provider API supporting progress tracking. Otherwise, the manual completion is used. Note that, to use these external libraries and access their content, the customer needs to have a separate agreement with that service provider.

Integration Manager

Integration Manager is a tool that is used to manage the content from the external content libraries. It allows you to filter and toggle specific external courses to be shown in the Valamis LXP search and Learning Paths goal selection, instead of integrating whole libraries.

After the courses have been added, Valamis categories can be added to them for easier categorization as well as personalized recommendations in the environment.

NOTE: To use this tool, you need to enable and configure the integrations you want to use.

Adding and Categorizing External Content

  1. Open the Integration Manager
  2. Select the integration you want to manage.
  3. A list of items is shown (empty by default).
  4. Click Add courses.
  5. A list of all libraries courses will be shown. You can use search at the top of the modal window and filter by categories (if the integration provider has them). Select ones that you want to use on your platform and click “Add”.
  6. Selected items will appear in the previous view. 
  7. These entities can be further categorized: click on the item and the categorization dropdown will appear:

  1. Select relevant categories from the dropdown to add them to the content. These categories can then be used to find and browse this content in Search and Row (Recommendations).

Now, the content from the external library is ready to be used in Valamis.

Completing External Content

The following integrations support tracking on the provider side:

  • LinkedIn Learning (xAPI statements)
  • Udemy For Business (Reporting API, updated once a day)

Learning goals with these integrations will be compelted automatically, when the user completes it on the provider side.

Completions for the following integrations are not tracked on the provider side, so we use special criteria for automatic and manual completion on Valamis side:

  • Harvard Business Publishing
  • getAbstract
  • Percipio

We recommend using manual completion for these, which means that whenever an integrated entity is completed by a user, they can confirm the completion in Learning Paths by clicking the Mark as completed link.

To enable automatic completion, where the completion statements are generated whenever the goal link is clicked, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Go to the revelant integration tab in Valamis Administration.
  2. Enable the Auto-completion toggle

Now, when adding an integrated goal to a learning path, the auto-completion option is available.