Creating Events

To create a new training event, click the Create Training Event button.

There are two types of settings: Basic information and Event details:

Basic information includes:

  1. Training event title - Title of training, displayed in the header. If a title was not set, it takes a default name (New event #1,2,3)
  2. Description – describes the event to the users
  3. Related materials – specify the lessons that will be recommended to participants. You can either allow those to be shown immediately in the event info or to only be sent to attendees after the event.
  4. Categories – choose or add a category for your event.

Event details include:

  1. Cover image
  2. Event type:
    • Classroom type will provide Training Location details, like address and room. If Google Maps API is configured, the location will be displayed in them, as well.Training location details using Google Map API
    • Webinar type will provide an URL to join.
  3. Starting Date and time
  4. Ending Date and time
  5. Enrollment deadline - the date before the users can join or request to join an event. Visible in the info card.
  6. Time zone - in the event info, the user will see both local and user time zone.
  7. Estimated duration - mark the estimation for the duration of this event. This value is used in reports.
  8. Days before reminder sets the notification period for an upcoming event.
  9. Enrollment process - Auto (everyone who can view the event can join freely), By request (need approval), Manual (only instructors can add users)
  10. Confirmation of participation - check this option if you want to have a manual confirmation of the participation for the training event to be counted as an achieved goal.
  11. Maximum number of participants - those users who missed the free spot may join a waitlist. If a free spot opens up, they are automatically added to the member list from the queue (assuming Open type of membership).
  12. Maximum waitlist size - in case the maximum user limit is exceeded, the rest of the users are placed into the waitlist. You can limit its size.
  13. Training reference number – optional field for an ID, used in third-party systems.
  14. Language - specify the language in which the event is conducted.
  15. Calendar - choose a related Liferay calendar for your event.
  16. Certification - set, whether attendees will get a certificate upon passing the event.

After you save the event, you can edit its details in relevant tabs.

Event Sessions

In the Sessions tab, you can add multiple instances of the same event that may take place at different times and locations. Taking part in any session will be counted as participating in the event. The Basic settings described above apply to all sessions, while the settings in the Event details apply only to a specific session of an event that is being edited.

Upcoming Events Notification

The Send to email button allows you to gather information about certain upcoming events and send it to your email, which is defined in your user profile.

For each event in the list, the information includes event title, date, time & timezone, duration, location, and the URL to the event.

Make sure that the Upcoming Events notification for Training Events is Enabled in Instance Settings -> Configuration -> Email notifications