Invitation Links

Invitation Links provide an opportunity to create “vouchers” to send out to users in the form a link to the learning content.

Once the user clicks on that link, they become a member of a learning path, training event, or a course. This will ignore restrictions like price or prerequisites.

If there are no seats available, users will see a message about it.

For each link, they can see an ordered list of users, based on the time they've accessed the link provided to them.

Link managers can see all invitation links, not only the ones they've created.

Creating an invitation link

A user with the role of a Link Manager will be able to create and manage such links.


  1. Click on the corresponding button.
  2. Choose a Learning Path, Course or Event to link to. 
  3. Link name will be copied from the title, or you can create a custom one. 
  4. Set a number of invitations. That number will be reserved from the content’s seat limit if it’s set.
  5. Save it.