Knowledge Maps

Valamis Knowledge Map features two apps: Knowledge Map Studio and Knowledge Map Report.

Knowledge Map Studio

Create a new story by clicking the New story button to open the dialog window. 

  1. Add a title to your story.
  2. Upload a cover image or select it from Media Gallery
  3. Write a description of your story

The story is constructed in a form of a tree. 

You can move around the canvas with your mouse. By clicking on the + sign on the bottom of the element, you create a new branch.

In the sidebar, you will see a list of lessons and categories. Drag and drop them to the branches. 

Once you save it, you can view the story in the Knowledge Map Report.

Knowledge Map Report

Knowledge Map Report allows you to browse the story tree and users' progress through the curriculum in a simple and visual manner. Color-coded progress indicators show the current status of the user progress.

Click on the element to see the selected user's progress for that branch in detail. Click Watch lesson to see it in Lesson Viewer. Alternatively, you can also click on the name of the lesson to view it.  

When all the lessons of that branch are completed by the selected user, it affects all relevantly connected root elements, and the progress is calculated in percentages for each of them.

Want to provide feedback?

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