Course Landing Pages

We include a set of Page templates and tools for easier landing page creation for any public or private course. 

This page is shown to the user who clicks on a course in the Course browser.

If they are a member of that course, they will see a private page, and in the other case, the public one. 

To use this layout on a landing page of your course, go to page configuration and select a Private or Public course page template.

The template for private pages includes several parts:

  • The course header is situated at the top of the page and provides different controls for learners and instructors. The buttons that are available are: 

    • Share button (message or copied link).

    • Save button to add the course to your Saved list.

    • For Public template - Enter course or Purchase course (if eCommerce is enabled) 

    • Leave button

  • Course navigation provides quick access to all pages of the course.

  • Course info - cover image, availability period, number of current and maximum participants, name and profile pics of instructors, duration and PD hours, prerequisites, and categories. Preferences allow toggling showing instructors, prerequisites, and categories.

  • The course description shows the description for Public or Private pages from the course settings.

  • An extra place for any app that you may want to add.

The public page template only includes the course header, info, and description.

To make this easier for you, we also provide private and public course templates that already include the respective course landing page.