Learning Pattern Report

The Learning Pattern Report tracks all the lessons, pages and questions that the users view, graphically displaying their progress.

Note, that Organization administrators will not see the user data that is not relevant to their specific organization. It is dependent on whether you use Organizations in your Liferay environment. Likewise, Site administrators will receive the user information from the sites they are the administrator of. The hierarchy makes it so that an administrator can only see the data from the levels below, not above.

There are three tabs in the report: Lessons, Learning Paths, and Training Events


All tabs show the content filtered by selected course. Choose a course you're interested in by using the filter.

The table shows all users and their lesson statuses.

Learning Patterns Report

Each lesson column can be expanded by clicking Show pages.

Learning Patterns Report expanded view

This way, you can get into the details of how each user progressed the lesson page by page.

If you click on any lesson, you can view another table that will show the completion status of each page of that lesson for each user.

Learning Paths

The Learning Paths tab will show all the information about the learning paths in a similar manner as with the lessons.

Learning Paths tab screenshot Valamis LXP

Click Show Goals to see each learning goal and every user's progress on them.

It's also possible to open a full view of a learning path by clicking on its title.

Training Events

This tab will show you all Training events from the chosen course.

Icons show whether the user Attended the event, was Absent, Joined, or does not participate.

You can filter the events by their type and date.

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