Lesson Studio Overview

In Valamis, lessons are the main experience blocks for digital learning.

In its essence, a Valamis lesson is an interactive and responsive multi-page piece of content that can contain text blocks, images, audios, videos, iFrames, hotspots, PDFs, and question elements.

Thanks to the abundance of different elements, a Valamis lesson can serve as an interactive presentation, quiz, exam, or anything else you want. The user activity and progress in lessons are tracked and recorded with the help xAPI statements, which describe the actions and their context. This data can then be used for analytics and reports.

All lesson styles can be customized with the integrated Style editor. Themes can be created to be re-used in another lesson.

Lessons are also fully localizable - meaning that users with different languages will see their own localized version, if you add one.

Main View

In Lesson Studio, you create, compose, and publish lessons. The main view features a list of drafts and published lessons from this course's Lesson Studio, filterable by category, name, and date. List and grid views are available.

Note that on a different course, you'll have a different set of lessons in the Lesson Studio. But don't be confused, the lessons created in Lesson Studio on one course will still be available on other courses.

Each lesson info card includes its cover image, title, version number, status (draft or published), the date and time of the latest update, the name of the creator. Descriptions are visible only in the list view, as opposed to grid view. 

When you click on the three-dots button, you'll see the Actions menu, which includes the following options:

  1. Edit info - opens the editing dialog for basic details like titles and descriptions, without opening the lesson content. 
  2. Compose - opens the content editing tools.
  3. Preview - allows to preview the lesson before publishing.
  4. Publish lesson - publishes the latest draft version.
  5. Export - exports a zip file, which can be imported into another environment via Lesson Studio (New lesson -> From ZIP package)
  6. Clone - makes a copy of that lesson.
  7. Set permissions - you can set specific permissions for this particular lesson for different user roles. This applies to lessons in Lesson Studio, NOT to already published lessons, which in turn are managed by the Lesson Manager.
  8. Delete - deletes the lesson.

Importing and Exporting in Lesson Studio

In Valamis, you can import and export lessons to other environments. It's important to note that you can only import lessons to the same tool you've exported them from - Lesson Studio to Lesson Studio, Lesson Manager to Lesson manager - because the exported data is different. 

In Lesson Studio, you do it in order to be able to compose imported lessons on another environment afterwards. In Lesson Manager, you only deal with published (think finalized) lessons, where you can only edit the details and settings, not the content. The lesson info in Lesson studio and lesson details in Lesson Manager are independent. If you update the lesson in Lesson Studio and publish a new version, the lesson details in Lesson Manager will be overwritten. 

To export a lesson from Lesson Studio, click the Export action button on it.

To import it, click New lesson and select the From ZIP package option. Lesson Studio files on your computer will look like slideSet-export-date-time.

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