Valamis LXP License Guide

To use Valamis, you must have a license. This short guide describes how to obtain and upload a license to Valamis. 

Obtaining the license

The license can be either a 30-day trial license or a full-value license. Depending on which one you want, the process of obtaining it can differ. Both ways are described further.

You must first have the Valamis environment set up for this step. 

Once you have Valamis up and running, open the Valamis Administration portlet and go to the License tab.

To access this portlet in Liferay 6, you can either add it to any page, find it in Site Administration ⇒ Content ⇒ Valamis Administration or use the following relative URL to this portlet:

<your domain name>/group/control_panel/manage?p_p_id=SCORMApplicationAdmin_WAR_learnportlet

To access Valamis Administration in Liferay 7, add it to any page.

The Hardware Id shown in this tab will be used in the process of obtaining the license.

Note: If you've downloaded Valamis Enterprise Edition from Liferay Marketplace, you still need to receive the license from us in addition to the one from the Marketplace by following the corresponding instructions below (full-value license).

Receiving license file for 30-day trial license

The 30-day trial license is available here by filling out the form.

Select 30-day trial license and the Liferay version that you have, and then fill in all the other fields accordingly.

Copy the requested Hardware ID from Hardware Id field of the License tab in the Valamis Administration portlet.

Click the Request Valamis button.

You will be contacted by our support and provided with the file.

Receiving the full-value license

Address yourself to and provide the Hardware ID from the License tab of the Valamis Administration portlet to our managers.

You will receive your full-value license file by e-mail.

Submitting the license file to Valamis 

Open the main instance, and return to the License tab in the Valamis Administration portlet and click the Upload license button.

It is visible only if you are in your main site. 

You can either drag-and-drop your license file directly into this window or browse your file system and select the file.

After you upload your license, the License tab of the Valamis Administration portlet will show more details about your license status, including Start date (the day your license has begun to take effect), Expiration date (the day your license will expire) and the countdown (Days left).

You can now start working in your Valamis environment. 

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