LinkedIn Learning API Configuration

LinkedIn Learning API integration in Valamis allows companies to use LinkedIn course library with Valamis environments. This seamless integration allows for a best-of-both-worlds experience for both instructors and learners.

First of all, as administrator, make sure to check out some settings in the Valamis Administration’s LinkedIn API tab.

Valamis Administration LinkedIn Learning API settings

LinkedIn API should be enabled, and Client ID and Client Secret values copied from LinkedIn Learning API Application Provision.

  1. Log in to LinkedIn Learning as administrator.
  2. Click Go to Admin and then go to Settings.

  1. Click API Application Provision.
  2. In the Generate LinkedIn Learning REST API Application section, agree to terms, fill in the Name and Description, and click Generate Application.
  3. You will see a new dialog with generated Client ID and Client Secret. You can copy each to a clipboard immediately. Later, these details will always be available in the Application list in API Application Provision.
  4. Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret into the appropriate fields in the LinkedIn API tab of Valamis Administration.
  5. Save the settings.

Course localization

You can enable course localization, which will allow you to use the localizations in the courses that include them.

  • If disabled, courses will be shown in their default language.
  • If you enable it, you can select the language, in which the users will view the courses. If the original course doesn’t have this language, it will be viewed in its default language instead.

Don’t forget to click Save, after you’re done.

LinkedIn Learning xAPI configuration

This xAPI integration needs to be set up by Valamis system administrators, so contact them for this step. The following steps are done for this configuration:

  1. As administrator in LinkedIn Learning, click Go to Admin.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Reporting APIs
  3. Open the xAPI section and click Add xAPI Integration
  4. Fill in the details:

  1. Integration Name: Can be defined freely
  2. User type: Select Email
  3. OAuth Server URL: The URL of LinkedIn Proxy OAuth2 endpoint. Default: {host}/o/linkedin-rest-endpoint/linkedin/oauth2/token , where {host} is the base URL of Liferay server.
  4. Tenant Server URL: The URL of LinkedIn Proxy xAPI endpoint. Default: {host}/o/linkedin-rest-endpoint/linkedin/xapi , where {host} is the base URL of Liferay server.
  5. Client ID: It’s defined on the Liferay side and is known by Valamis system administrators. Contact them, if needed.
  6. Client Secret: It’s defined in the same way as the Client ID. Note: The Client ID and Client Secret here are NOT the same as the ones that are generated in the API Application Provision.
  7. Click Enable.
  8. Make sure that the status of integration is On.

Course synchronization

You can set up the daily auto-sync time, which will automatically update your course list at this time of day. Click Save to save the daily auto-sync time.

If you’ve changed the language in Course localization setting to another since the last update, only the newly loaded courses will be shown in the new language. See below for more options.

You can also update the courses manually in two ways:

1. Force synchronization by clicking Sync now to update the course list. This affects the languages in the same way as the daily auto-sync.

2. The Update all courses button will do a full update by clearing the list and re-downloading a full list of courses with the selected language. Use this to make sure that your new Course localization setting applies to all courses.

LinkedIn Learning Integration manager

An Integrations Manager portlet allows you to filter and toggle the LinkedIn Learning courses to be shown in the Valamis LXP search and Learning path goal selection. This portlet will support other integrations in the future.

By default, that list is empty. Click Add courses to choose which LinkedIn content to use in Valamis. 

You can filter and search for courses by their Categories from LinkedIn Library. The author and publishing date will be shown there, as well.

After that, you can also add Valamis LXP categories to added courses to integrate them deeper with your environment.

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