Managing Event Participation

There are many instruments and tools for managing participation in events. First of all, it's important to note the membership types that you can choose for each event that you create:

  1. Open - users can find events on their own and join them freely. If a maximum number of participants is set and the event is full, new applicants may join the waitlist. If a vacant spot appears in the event, the next user in line is added automatically from the waitlist. Admins or instructors with enough permissions can delete people from waitlists.
  2. By Request - users can find events on their own, but must request to be added as members. Membership requests are collected in the separate tab in the event info, where the instructor can approve or deny the access to each user.
  3. Private - users don't see events when browsing the platform and must be added to an event to be its member.

Adding Participants

  1. Go to Add/Edit members tab. To add a new participant, click Add member. In the dropdown, you'll get the following options:
    1. Users - adds users.
    2. Organizations - adds whole organizations. Members of an organization will become participants of the event.
    3. User Groups - adds user grops. Everyone in the user group will become a participant. 
  2. Find the users, user groups, or organizations in the list using the search bar, and mark them using the checkbox.
  3. Click Save.

Adding Trainers

You can also add users as trainers. A trainer is shown in the event information for participants, presenting them as the ones who will conduct the event. Note that adding a user as a trainer doesn't give them extra permissions. In order for them to see and manage members of their organization, these users need to already have the neccessary permissions via their assigned Role.

Managing Participation Requests

If an event has a restricted access type, where users need to send requests to join, you will see a Membership Requests tab, where you can accept or deny those requests.

In case an event has a limited number of seats, you'll also see the Waitlist tab with the users that are up next in the queue.