About Lesson Manager

Lesson Manager a tool to manage both lessons that are created and published in your environment's Lesson Studio, as well as imported ones. 

When you publish your lesson via Lesson Studio, it becomes available in Valamis in Lesson Viewer, Learning Paths, Dashboard, and other places.

If you import lessons from some other place via Lesson Manager, they also become available on the platform. 

Main View

The main view of Lesson Manager shows all published lessons for all courses and categories.

You can filter the list using the category, type, and course filters.

In the Actions menu you can see all possible actions for a single lesson:

  • Edit the main details of the lesson (not the content)
  • Export the lesson and import it to another environment.
  • Download xAPI setting allows you to download the lesson as an xAPI package (What is xAPI).
  • Set permissions setting provides a list of possible user actions to allow or restrict.
  • Set visibility defines who can view the lesson - specific users, roles, organizations, or user groups. 
  • Copy link to the clipboard and share the lesson with somebody with that link.
  • Delete the lesson.

Lesson Details

The lesson details that you can edit in the Lesson Manager are split into tabs:

  1. Main tab
    1. Lesson language selection allows for editing the localizable fields, like lesson title and description. You can also change the default language here.
    2. Lesson title, cover image, and description can be edited. 
    3. Availability period for the lesson. Note that you don't have to choose both starting and ending dates, you can select just one, as well.
    4. Number of attempts limits how many times can a user try the lesson.
    5. Interval between attempts limits how often can a user retry the lesson.
    6. Estimated completion time provides learners with a hint on how much time it will take to complete the lesson. You must assess the time yourself.
  2. Categories tab - allows you to categorize the lesson.
  3. Evaluation tab
    1. Review required setting makes instructor grade (given through Gradebook or Evaluations) mandatory for completion.
    2. Manual review passing score setting defines the score required for successfully passing the lesson. This is only relevant for manual grades given by instructor. The score below that value will count as failed.
    3. Strict XAPI criteria for completion - this setting allows for compatibility with certain external packages, like Articulate Storyline. If you have problems with Completed status not being shown, disable this setting for such a lesson and it should fix the problem. 
  4. Additional details tab for metadata, if enabled.

Uploading External Packages

To upload a new xAPI or SCORM package from an external source (e.g. Storyline), click Upload package.

If successful, the package will be published and available for viewing by learners.

Importing and Exporting in Lesson Manager

You can export an individual lesson by clicking Export in the Actions menu.

Note, that you can only import these files into another Lesson Manager, and not Lesson Studio, since they have different file formats.

You can edit the details of a lesson imported into Lesson Manager as usual, but you will not be able to change the content, like you can in Lesson Studio.

Want to provide feedback?

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