Notes provide a space for the users to write comments on any page, share them with others, or keep them private.

Click on the Notes icon to open up the interface. 

Here, you will see all your notes, as well as public notes from other users.

Adding Notes

Notes are private by default, but you can make any note public for other users to see. Public notes have an indicator, as seen above.

Notes can also include hashtags, which will help you search for any related note in the full list.

Click Add note, add the title and content, and click Done

Viewing Notes

By default, when you open the Notes interface, you will just see the notes that were added to the page you are currently on.

To see the notes from the whole course, click this button to see Notes in fullscreen:

Here, you will see the public notes of all users (including yourself), as well as your private notes.

Use the filter to view what you want: All, Public, or Private (yours only).

In the full list, each note will also provide a link to the page it was written on.

Exporting Notes

There is also an option to export notes into a PDF file. There are three scopes for that actions:

  1. Individual notes can be exported by clicking the Actions menu and selecting Export to PDF.
  2. Notes from the currently opened page can be exported by clicking Export to PDF here.
  3. All notes from the course can be exported from the full list of notes, as well.

Want to provide feedback?

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