Open Badges Integration

Mozilla’s Open Badges are supported in Learning paths, allowing you to award the badges for completing them. The badges made public in Mozilla badge backpack can then be seen in the Learning Transcript.

Setting up Open Badges integration

First, you need to set up the Open Badges in Valamis Administration.

  • Issuer name - the name of an organization that issued a badge

  • Issuer URL - the URL of this organization

  • Issuer email - an email of the organization

Note: Learners need to have the same email in their backpack as in the Valamis environment.

Adding an Open Badge to a Learning path

Using the instructor account with editing permissions, go to the Learning Paths portlet.

In the Learning path info, enable the Certification setting, and under it, enable the Open Badges integration setting:

For the Cover image in Learning path, you can either use the Badge designer (see screenshot) or use a PNG image (just not  a JPG!)

Save and publish your learning path.

Earning the Open Badge

As a learner with a Mozilla Backpack account (with the same email), go to the Learning path with the badge and complete it. 

After you get your certificate for completing the learning path, go to your Learning Path, and click the Certificate achieved link. You can also click on the certificate in the Achieved Certificates portlet.

A window with your certificate will open, where you will see an Earn badge button.

After you click on it, the following window open. Click Send to submit your Badges to your Backpack.

Displaying Badges in Learning Transcript

In order to show off your Badges in your Learning Transcript, you need to create a public Collection at

1) If logged out, sign in with the account with the same email as on your Valamis environment, and click Collections. 

2) Create a new collection and make sure your new Collection has the word “Valamis” in its title, e.g Valamis collection.

3) Check the collection as Public in the checkbox.

4) Drag and drop the badges you want to display from My Badges section into the  Collection.

It should now show up in the Learning Transcript’s Open Badges tab.