Personal Saved List

Learners can add various learning items to a “Saved” list for easier access later on. This includes lessons, learning paths, courses, assignments, and training events. 

Adding content to Saved

Just click the bookmark button to add the item to Saved.

To remove it, click this button again on the item you want to delete from the list.

You can add content to Saved from the following places:

  • Search results (for all types of content)
  • Course Browser
  • Learning Paths
  • Assignments
  • Lesson Viewer
  • Training Events

Viewing Saved content

For learners to access the Saved list, create a course page and add the Saved app to that page.

It has several tabs for each of the 5 types of content. 

You can click on any Saved item to access it, as usual.

There’s also an icon in the top bar of the Valamis LXP Theme that you can enable in the Theme settings for quick access to the Saved page. 

You will need to provide a page URL to the page with Saved app on it.

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