Sharing Content

In Valamis LXP, learners can share content with each other in several ways, described below.

Sharing Content via Messages

  You can share content like lessons, learning paths, training events, and assignments in a private message to other users. In case of multiple recipients, separate messages will be sent.

In addition to the attached link, you can write up the actual message and its subject.

Sharing content via message in Valamis LXP

To share a lesson, go to Lesson Viewer, click the Share button, and select Share via message.

For training events, assignments, and learning paths the Share button can be found on the Info page of each individual content. 

Note, that from the search results page, you can share any sort of content via message.

Copying Links

You can also copy links to the content from the same Share dialog, and share this link wherever you want.

Posting to Feed

From the Lesson Viewer's Share dialog, you can also post a lesson link with a comment to the activity feed for all users to see.

Share lesson in a comment in the Activity feed

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