Submitting Assignments

As a learner (individual or in a group), you will be able to add submissions for evaluation.

  1. First, open an assignment in your list. You will see its description, status and deadline. You can also download and check any related documents, if they are present.
  2. Click Add submission.
  3. Type a comment in Your answer field.
  4. Attach your files.
  5. Click Add submission or Save as draft. You can later delete or publish your draft as a submission. The instructor will only see a published submission.

After adding the submission, you need to wait for evaluation by instructor.

Group assignments work the same way, except you will also see the members of your group. Anyone from your group can submit a group assignment. The grade is given to a group, not to an individual learner.

Evaluating Assignments

As an instructor, your task is to evaluate the submitted assignments. You can do so either via the Assignments tool or the Evaluations.

Reviewing Submissions in Assignments

  1. Open any assignment. You will see the list of users or groups and their submission status. By default, students are sorted according to the readiness status of their assignments, showing the students that are ready for evaluation first.
  2. If somebody has submitted an assignment, you can either grade it or send it back to be redone. In the latter case, once the assignment has been reworked and submitted, you can do the same thing again.

It's also possible to use Urkund anti-plagiarism system with Valamis. It will automatically check the submitted assignments for plagiarism.

For this, you need to set up the Urkund API in Valamis Administration. To view the plagiarism report in the completed task, click Urkund → Show report.

Reviewing Submissions in Evaluations tool

The Evaluations tool is used only with learning paths, which means you only can evaluate assignments that are a part of some learning path.

  1. Open a learning path with an assignment type of learning goal.
  2. Navigate to the user you're evaluating and click on the assignment in the list of learning goals.