Tracking External Learning

Some learning activities may happen outside the Valamis platform and even in real life. Tracking those activities inside the platform may prove useful to fully understand the processes and the efficiency of learning.

In Valamis, we provide a tool called External Learning. In it, learners can register their activities and mark the CPD points given to them, while managers can oversee and download/upload the activities of the users.

The tool has two tabs: My Learning Activities and Uploaded Activities. The first tab lists the current user's activities in the system. The second tab is useful for admins/managers to overview the uploaded ones.

Adding an Activity

  1. Go to External Learning tool and click Add learning activity.
  2. Fill out the following details about the activity:
    1. Activity name
    2. Activity ID
    3. Organizer - the user who is responsible for organizing the activity.
    4. Description - describe the activity in a short paragraph.
    5. Start date
    6. End date
    7. Duration (in minutes) - how long it took to do this activity.
    8. CPD points - how many points they've earned for this activity.
    9. Related materials – attachments related to the activity.
  3. Click Save.

As an admin or manager, you can mass upload the user activities in a CSV file. You can also download the activities you want into CSV, based on the filters you choose.