Tracking Learning with xAPI

Learning analytics in Valamis LXP use xAPI statements for tracking the detailed learning progress of each user. This data is stored in the Learning Record Store, or LRS. 

You can browse and filter various xAPI statements that are created on your environment, using the Statement Viewer

By default, Statement Viewer shows all Statements, unfiltered. 

There are several ways you can filter Statements to get exactly the ones you need.

  1. Agent value - username or ID
  2. Verb
  3. Activity ID

You can also define the period of time, from which to show Statements.

If you click on any Statement, you will see the actual details in full form.

You can also export a defined number of latest Statements in a JSON file. 

List of xAPI statements in Valamis LXP

Below, you can take a look at the list of all xAPI Statements that exist in Valamis LXP. The verbs are listed exactly how they are stored in the LRS, while the words, like "user", "trainer", or "lesson" are replaced by the relevant data, like username, id, lesson title, etc. Explanations are given in the parentheses only for this table's purposes.



  • User attempted Lesson (started viewing the lesson)
  • User experienced lesson page (viewed a lesson page)
  • User correctly/incorrectly answered Question
  • User completed Lesson (viewed all pages/correctly answered on enough questions to pass the score limit)
  • User suspended Lesson (left the lesson without completing it, for lessons with the pause setting enabled)
  • User resumed Lesson (continued where they left off after pausing the lesson)
  • User played Video (started viewing the video by clicking a play button)
  • User paused Video
  • User seeked Video (skipped through the video)
  • User completed Video
  • User imported Lesson (published a lesson for the first time)
  • User commented Lesson progress (left a comment in Gradebook)
  • User scored Lesson (graded a lesson)


  • User scored Course (graded a course)
  • User complete course (when grade is above limit or completion criteria are met)
  • User joined Course
  • User left Course
  • User requested Course (sent a request to join a course)
  • User approved Course (approved a user request to join a course)
  • User rejected Course (denied a user request to join a course)
  • User earned CPD points (earned the credits that are defined in course settings)
  • User received PD hours (received PD hours that are defined in course settings)

Training events

  • User registered Training Event (enrolled in an event)
  • User imported Training Event (instructor creates a training event)
  • User approved Training Event (approved a user request to participate in an event)
  • User completed Training Event (user participates in an event - manual confirmation should be given, if this setting is enabled)
  • User left Training Event (user chose to not participate in an event)
  • User requested Training Event (requested to participate in an event)
  • User rejected Training Event (instructor rejected the participation request)
  • User exited Training Event (instructor confirms user absence)
  • User attended Training Event (instructor confirms user participation)

Learning Paths

  • User completed Learning Path (all mandatory goals are completed)
  • User registered Learning Path (user joines a learning path)
  • User completed Goal (completes a goal in a learning path)
  • User failed Goal (fails a goal in a learning path)
  • User left Learning Path
  • User failed Learning Path (fails a learning path, due to missed deadlines or failed goals)


  • User scored Competence (level of skill changed manually, or through learning path completion)
  • User defined Competence (defines a goal for the skill level)
  • User favorited Competence (marked skill as favorite)
  • User unfavorited Competence (removed a "Favorite" mark from the skill)


  • User answered Assignment (user submitted their individual or group assignment)
  • Trainer imported Assignment (user creates an assignment)
  • Trainer responded user for Assignment (returns the submission for improvement back to the learner)
  • Trainer completed user for Assignment (grades the user submission)


  • User earned Certificate
  • User viewed document previews in search results
  • User downloaded document in search results

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