Translation Editor

A Translation Editor is a tool that allows you to customize UI labels. You can do it for any language supported in Valamis.

You need to turn on the needed languages in Liferay environment's Instance Settings as well if you want to use them in Valamis.

With this editor, you can change any text in the Valamis UI to your preference. If you want to change the translation or want to rename something, take the following steps.

1. Go to Translation editor.

2. Choose a place you want to customize from the drop-down menu and the language you want to edit.

3. Find the required label. You can use the default browser Search function, e.g. by Ctrl+F.

4. Type your preferred text in the Custom Value field.

5. Your changes are saved automatically.

You can also hide the label from the UI. For example, it is useful when your target language doesn't use some prepositions or words in that context. Note, that hiding it clears any custom translation that you've added to that label. 

It is possible to reset the custom labels. You can either reset all translations across the whole environment by clicking Reset all in the Actions menu, or only for the currently selected portlet and language by clicking Reset custom translations.

Importing and exporting of custom values are also supported. All custom values are exported into a JSON file, which you can import into another Valamis environment. It will check for conflicts and allow you to resolve them however you wish.

There are different types of conflicts possible:

  1. An existing custom value is different to the one in the file.
  2. A value is marked as hidden in the file, but is not hidden on your portal. 
  3. A value is hidden on the portal, but is not hidden in the file. 

If there's no custom translation added on the portal, but there's one in the file, it will just be added to the custom translations with no conflicts. 

You can either accept the imported value, or reject it, leaving the original custom value unchanged. You can do this individually for each lable, or click Reject all/Accept all.

Importing will not overwrite the custom translations that are not in conflict with the imported ones.

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