User Dashboard

The User Dashboard provides learners with a personalized home page in the environment and quick access to the most relevant content . 

It also presents the data about your and other course members' actions and activities in the Valamis environment.

Depending on the user role, the available information may vary. You can use portlets in any combination or layout, but we suggest using the Valamis student dashboard layout.

Let's take a closer look at these portlets.

Study Summary

This portlet shows your personal statistics. The charts are built based on completed lessons' categories. Completed lessons without categories go to the Other part of the chart.

My learning paths

Here, you can see all the learning paths that you've joined. They are divided into two tabs: Completed and In Progress.

You can immediately start a learning goal by expanding the learning path and clicking on a goal. 

My lessons

In this portlet, you will see all lessons that are either available to you, or were completed by you. You can see the name and the completion status, as well as the parent course of lessons.

You can click on any lesson to view it. 

Recent lessons

This portlet displays recently published lessons in the environment. 

Upcoming events

Here you can check and join the upcoming training events. To see a full list of events, click See all

Achieved certificates

This portlet provides a list of your achieved certificates, their validity periods.

By clicking on a certificate, you can see its details and may print it out. 


The activity feed in Valamis will provide the latest information on user activity on your environment. You can comment and like specific activities or post your own comment on the feed. 

Course Statistics and Learning Path Statistics

These portlets are only available for admin users, and display an overall information about user progress. 

You can expand and collapse items on the view to see more details.