User Notifications

Valamis learning platform supports various types of user notifications, both through email and via portal notifications, visible on the separate page of the platform and accessed via the notification bell icon in the top-right corner. 

Email Notifications

Email notifications will be sent out to the email addresses of relevant users. The text in email notifications can be customized according to your needs.

To do so, as Administrator, go to Control Panel -> Configuration -> Instance settings -> Email notifications.

Training events notification settings

In the email text body, you can use the variables provided in the Definition of Terms, which will be changed according to the context. You can enable and disable each notification here, as well.

Note: this section also contains various standard email notifications, e.g. ones for Message Boards, which you can edit.

Portal Notifications

Portal notifications are immediately visible for each user. In the top-right corner of the environment, they will see an icon with the number of unread notifications. This icon can be toggled in Theme settings.

Notification icon screenshot

General Notifications

Notification Email Portal
New account confirmation email    
Email verification, password reset or change    
Someone commented or liked user's activity in the activity feed -  
New message received    
Instructor comment in Gradebook  -  


Users will get both email and portal notifications related to courses, when:

  • They have been added/removed from a course,
  • Their completed course is graded by the instructor,
  • A user has requested to join their course.


Users will get both email and portal notifications related to assignments, when:

  • A user or a group submitted their assignment,
  • A user or a group updated their submission,
  • An instructor has evaluated the submission.

Training Events

Most training event notifications come to the user email.

Notification Email Portal
User has been added to an event as a participant    
User has removed from an event member list   -
User has been added as a trainer    -
User participation request has been accepted -  
Event reminder for participants    
Event reminder for trainers, with the list of participant emails   -
Event schedule change   -
Event ended   -
Event has been canceled   -
List of upcoming events, requested by the user   -


Email and portal notifications about lessons are sent when a new lesson available on the portal, or when a user gets a lesson grade.

Learning Paths

Learning path notifications are sent, when:

  • a user is added to a learning path,
  • a learning path deactivated,
  • a user got new skills after completing learning path (portal only)


Users get email and portal notifications about their certificates, when a certificate has been achieved, expires soon, or has expired.


Besides a waitlist notification, there are also three other email notifications related to order confirmation:

  • Order successfully paid
  • Order successfully refunded
  • Order failed

Link to order details is provided in a notification.

Both portal and email notifications are sent, when:

  • User requested access to an item.
  • User request has been approved or denied.
  • User has cancelled their request.

Link to the Requests app is provided.

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