Valamis LXP 4.18 Release Notes

Valamis LXP 4.18 is released! Here’s the rundown of the improvements.

  • Users will no longer see recommended learning paths if they don't meet the skill prerequisites for them. For this to work, go to Preferences and select Consider skill level requirements.
  • Messages are now supported in the Translation editor, allowing you to customize the texts and localizations. 
  • Clicking on a Form learning goal in My Learning Paths will now open it in a new tab.
  • Lesson Manager settings are now split into several tabs:

    • Main - for the general settings
    • Categories - for categorization-related settings 
    • Evaluation - for the settings related to grading
    • Metadata - an extra tab available for special cases that use services with metadata
  • Cleared up texts for passing scores: in Lesson Studio the passing score setting is related to automatic completion, while the one in Lesson Manager defines the passing score for manual grading.