Valamis LXP 4.20 Release Notes

A new Valamis LXP version 4.20 has been released! It brings grading functionality to Learning Paths and various bug fixes. If you use Translation Editor, make sure to check the note at the end of this page.

Grading learning paths in Evaluations

You can now give grades to learning paths via Evaluations. This is available for instructors via Instructor mode, which you can toggle in Preferences for Evaluations. 

Once all learning goals have been completed in a Learning Path that has Manual Review enabled, an instructor can go and evaluate the progress. The grade is given in addition to the chosen Completed or Failed status. The grading scale used is the one set up to be used on the respective course in the course settings.


Other improvements

  • Several fixes for minor UI bugs. 
  • Performance in Evaluations has also been improved in this version.
  • Users will no longer see excluded categories that have subcategories.
  • Added wrapping for long titles of learning goals, when viewing a learning path.
  • Fixed incorrect language filtering for Chinese variants in the Learning Paths app.

A note about Translation Editor

The Study Summary tool has been remade, which means that your old translations may not apply to it. Here's a way to migrate the old translations:

  1. Open Translation Editor in two separate browser tabs.
  2. Select Study Summary in one tab and Feed in the other.
  3. Looking at the string keys of your custom translations in the Study Summary, copy and paste them under the same keys of "Feed" tab.
  4. Repeat step 3 for every language, where you have custom translations.