Valamis LXP 4.22 Release Notes

We're happy to release the new Valamis LXP 4.22 version. Here are the improvements included into this release:

  • Star ratings used for courses and lessons were redesigned: the stars are now grey.

  • Two extra languages are now supported: Indonesian and Ukrainian.
  • The Knowledge Map tools have been removed. Their functionality was obsolete and is more advanced in Learning Paths.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a Failed message when publishing a course via course template.
  • Improved the UI in the Preferences of Upcoming Events and when requesting membership.
  • Fixed the issue with parsing special characters in the URL field of course creation.
  • Fixed a missing warning when uploading files bigger than the size limit in Assignments via Google Drive. 
  • Fixed the issue with an organization administrator not seeing members of child courses.
  • Page permissions from a course template will now correctly apply to the created course.
  • Fixed various missing localizations.