Valamis LXP 4.23 Release Notes

A new version 4.23 of Valamis LXP has been released! It brings improvements to Lesson Studio, removes Similar Courses tool, and lays the groundwork for easier management of various integrations.

What's new

  • Previously used background images in Lesson Studio can now be easily deleted via Style Editor. Just go to the Available background section, click the Pen icon, and click on the image you want to delete.

  • Overall performance in My Lessons has been improved.
  • The Similar Courses tool has been removed in favor of Recommendation mode in Rows, which fulfill the same thing. 
  • Integration Manager will now have the framework to support managing multiple integrations in one place. Udemy Course integration is going to be one of the new ones added to this framework in the next releases.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with menu dropdowns sometimes not working.
  • Custom translations in Lesson Manager will now properly apply.
  • Fixed an issue with restricted categories being seen in filters in Lesson Manager.
  • Long category titles will now properly wrap in the category filters in Lesson Manager.
  • Related lessons will now be visible in all event sessions, instead of just the original.