Valamis LXP 4.24 Release Notes

In this version, we’re starting to support multiple currencies in eCommerce. For each country, you’ll be able to select a specific currency to be used with it. Depending on the country selected in the user's settings, the appropriate currency will be used for their transactions. User language does not affect the currency.

Available currencies are managed via the Currencies tab in the eCommerce Settings tool. A default currency is set here along with all the ones that you want to use with each country. You can only select one currency per country. 

After this is done, users can set prices and discounts in different currencies.  

Here’s how you can set a regional price and discount.

  1. First, open the Pricing tool. 
  2. Select a course, learning path, or training event, and go into Advanced settings. The first tab, called Pricing, will display the default net price and also the countries for which you can set up regional pricing. Just click on “Set” in the Net price column and type in the price.

  1. The next tab, called General discounts, allows you to do the same thing with discounts.

  1. Select the Currencies type of discount, and customize the discount values according to your needs. Each regional discount is different and will apply specifically to the price. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed minor UI glitches in Lesson Manager.
  • Fixed an issue with an initially out-of-scope category being invisible in the Lesson Manager category filter when setting the scope to All courses.
  • Improved the error message in Lesson Studio when uploading a logo with a file size bigger than the limit. 
  • Fixed an issue with video controls overlapping navigation buttons in Lesson Viewer when using the Video page template in Lesson Studio.
  • Fixed sorting by user group title in the Lesson Manager's lesson visibility settings.
  • Fixed shortened number in discount indicator in the Shopping Cart. 
  • Fixed an issue with missing notifications for new messages.
  • Fixed an issue with notes from a course other than the current being not visible.
  • Improved support for custom translations across eCommerce, Invitation links, and Notes.
  • Fixed misaligned UI elements in some languages when attaching related lessons to Training Events.
  • Fixed an issue with metadata not being transferred to a created copy of training event or session.