Valamis LXP 4.25 Release Notes

A new version 4.25 has been released! This update brings the following improvements:

  • The Croatian language is now supported in Valamis UI.
  • You can now Save & Publish immediately when creating a lesson from a video link or file. 
  • If the item that users want to buy is not available in their country, e.g because a regional price has not been set, they will get a notification about this.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with SCORM lessons not working, if there was a "/" in the title. (Lesson Viewer)
  • Fixed an issue with some SCORM lessons not saving where the user left off after closing the lesson. (Lesson Viewer)
  • Fixed an issue with currency type not being visible for an item without a price in Advanced settings (Pricing tool).
  • Fixed a missing file error when printing a certificate.
  • Fixed description text bug in printed certificates.
  • Fixed date format for late submission deadlines. (Assignments)
  • Fixed ratings being shown for items that don't have ratings in Rows, like learning paths or events.
  • Fixed overlapping elements in the Evaluations UI, which happened when there was a category with a very long name. 
  • Fixed overlapping elements in mobile view for Evaluations.