Valamis LXP 4.26 Release Notes

A new version 4.26 has been released! It includes various improvements, like file size limits in Assignments, visual design improvements, and new Theme settings.

Submission file size limit 

Instructors can now define the maximum file size for user submissions in Assignments. 

To do so, go to Preferences, and use the Maximum file size setting to define the limit in MB. 

Profile button theme settings

Added a way to navigate to a user profile via user picture (defined in Theme settings).

  1. First, create a page to serve as a user profile page, and then copy its URL. 
  2. Go to Theme settings - Control menu tab. 
  3. Check Show profile and paste your copied page URL into the field.

Now, users can click on Profile under their user menu to go to the user profile page. 

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed for hover behavior for better accessibility in Lesson Studio and Lesson Viewer.
  • Improved loading time for My Lessons.
  • Removed the Overview tab in Gradebook (legacy tool), due to it being obsolete.
  • Unified notification design across the platform.
  • Fixed an error when exporting custom translations in the Translation editor.
  • Fixed an error when trying to set visibility in Lesson Manager.
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn't filter LinkedIn content in search by categories added to it in Integration Manager.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate notes being created when clicking "Done" too fast while creating a note. 
  • Fixed an issue with the course logo being not visible in the Course info tool.
  • Fixed failed goal icon not being applied for event learning goals in My Learning Paths.
  • Fixed an error when adding users to Learning paths or Training events. 
  • Fixed an issue with users not being able to fully complete the course that has a "lessons required" completion criterion, and one of the lessons has been deleted. 
  • Fixed a bug with users being able to join an event via Upcoming events when it's full. 
  • Fixed issues with the Valamis LXP theme being deselected when editing a course created from a template in the Course manager.
  • Fixed an issue with special symbols in the custom title of the Grading tool.
  • Fixed Chinese translation issues in Certificate templates.
  • Overall course performance improved.
  • Minor visual fixes in UI.