Valamis LXP 4.27 Release Notes

Valamis LXP 4.27 has been released! It includes the all-new Udemy integration and new settings for Lesson Studio and Training Events.

Udemy course integration

Udemy courses can now be added as learning goals.

The integration works in a similar way to LinkedIn Learning: you need to use Integration Manager to select the courses you want to use on the environment, and then add them as a learning goal to your learning path.

Users will be redirected to Udemy to complete the course, after which the goal will be marked as completed.

New styling options for lessons in Lesson Studio 

New elements have been added to the Style editor. You can now change colors for the progress bar and active slide highlight, as well as change the colors, font, and font size on the "Continue" button.

Default participation confirmation settings in Training Events

A new Preference has been added that allows you to enable manual confirmation of participation by default. This means that all user participation in new events will need to be manually checked by instructors. 

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Links to lessons will now ask unauthenticated users to log in.
  • Fixed an issue with broken LinkedIn course names in the goals list.
  • Fixed issues with completion and displaying LinkedIn Courses as learning goals.
  • Fixed an issue, when users with a country in User Settings couldn’t join learning paths.
  • The Valamis administration tool will now display correctly on the same page as the Competence administration tool
  • Fixed minor translation issues.
  • Fixed broken UI for related materials in Training Events (LR 7.1)
  • Instructors will no longer be able to approve or deny membership requests from the users that are anonymized to them due to organization structure. 
  • Fixed site admins not being able to set Shopping Cart page URL (LR 7.1)
  • Deleting assignment categories now works properly. 
  • Deleted lessons will no longer show up in Rows (Recommendations, Top Rated, etc.)