Valamis LXP 4.28 Release Notes

This release expands eCommerce and Invitation Links functionality with Voucher creation, and also brings a multitude of bug fixes and UI improvements.

Vouchers - buy access to content for other users

You can now purchase invitation links to send to another user. Only the users with the appropriate "voucher manager" role can create vouchers. This feature must be enabled by admins first. 

Once this is toggled, a new button to create vouchers will appear on paid items.

After clicking on this button, users will see the following dialog.

Add a title and select the number of vouchers you want to purchase.

Then, proceed to payment and pay for your purchase.

After the purchase has been completed, you can view your invitation links in the list, copy them, and send them to the users that you want to have the access to your item.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed authentication error text (LR 7.1)
  • Fixed issues with course navigation dropdowns in the page layout with navigation (LR 7.1)
  • Fixed description text wrapping issue in Lesson Studio
  • Fixed removing rating issue in Lesson Viewer (Safari)
  • Fixed an issue with the mobile view of the search results page.
  • Fixed an issue, when a "blog" type search result wouldn't open on click. 
  • Fixed login issue in Safari browser.
  • Fixed broken "Link copied to clipboard" message on the search results page.
  • Udemy courses will now be filterable in search results.
  • Fixed an issue with downloading lessons from search results.
  • Fixed a PPTX preview cropping in search results.
  • Search results should now properly work for guest users.
  • Fixed an issue with the eCommerce manager role not having permission to manage default currency.
  • Fixed errors when removing discount values. 
  • Fixed the redirect issue when clicking on an event in Upcoming Events.
  • Fixed embedded font resetting to default one in certificate templates.
  • Users that left the course will now be redirected to the public pages of that course.
  • Udemy courses will now appear in Rows (Recommendations, Trending, etc.).
  • Other minor UI bugs fixed across the platform.
  • Overall accessibility improvements.