Valamis LXP 4.29 Release Notes

A new Valamis LXP version 4.29 has been released!

It includes the following improvements and bug fixes: 

  • When users open paused lessons, YouTube videos in them will now be resumed from the point the users left off.
  • Fixed lesson background not uploading when editing a lesson theme.
  • Fixed lesson page title not being saved, if moving on to next page immediately.
  • Fixed popup message text in Rows when rating content.
  • Fixed course duplication in search results for Harvard articles.
  • Fixed wrong behavior for category selection dialog when switching course types in Integration Manager.
  • Multiple UI bugs fixed in Integration Manager.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering by category in Search.
  • Fixed an issue with the new grade notification being sent, even when disabled.
  • Improved tooltips in Learning Paths.
  • Fixed "AND" category displaying logic in the Row Preferences.
  • Fixed multiple accessibility bugs.