Valamis LXP 4.30 Release Notes

We're happy to announce the new Valamis 4.30 version! 

This release brings many bug fixes and improvements to features, like Lesson Studio, Integration Manager, and more.

We'd also like to inform you that this is the last update in the form of traditional release notes. Due to us moving product development to a Continuous Delivery model, the next updates will be published in a new format under a slightly different timeframe. Stay tuned!
Until then, here are the fixes that come with this version:
  • Added Select All button to Integration Manager. Just click on the button twice until you see a checkmark instead of dash and you will select every available course. The dash mark only selects the courses currently visible on the page.

  • Search behavior when going back to the search results page via the browser Back button.

  • Hover behavior improved for Upcoming Events.

  • Fixed mobile view for the Dashboard Page layout.

  • Fixed tooltips for device view buttons in Lesson Studio.

  • Fixed filtering by category not working in Lesson Viewer without reloading the page.

  • Minor UI improvements in Lesson Manager.

  • Fixed an issue with uploading background images via Lesson Studio's Theme Editor. 

  • Fixed various minor issues with the cursor hover states across the platform.

  • Fixed not being able to Undo adding lesson background.

  • Fixed an issue with searching for integrated courses by their categories.

  • Fixed Learning Path thumbnails in Search results.

  • Fixed misleading "On waitlist" label when requesting to join a full event in Upcoming Events.

  • Fixed icons for LinkedIn Learning and Udemy learning goals.

  • Fixed group learning goals in Evaluations not expanding. 

  • Fixed errors with xAPI, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy learning goals in Evaluations.

  • FIxed localized learning path titles in Evaluations.

  • Translation fixes.