Valamis LXP 4.12 Release Notes

Here are the new improvements that come with Valamis LXP 4.12!

Learning Path Localization

Learning Paths now include a localization system similar to that of lessons. Learning Path titles, descriptions, and goal group titles can have localized variants, which will be displayed to learners using those languages.

Localizations can be added, when creating or editing the Learning Path by clicking Add translations.

You can set some language as a default so that it is displayed when a user’s localization is not present.

Predefined categories for Training Events and Lessons

Preferences for both Training Events and Lessons now include an option to pre-define categories.

Translation Editor support for eCommerce and Content Ribbons

You can now use Translation Editor to edit text strings and translations for eCommerce portlets, like Pricing, Shopping Cart, etc. as well as for the Content Ribbons. 

Other improvements 

  • An email notification will be sent when a user is added to a waitlist or request list. 
  • New Gradebook is now called Evaluations.
  • When a video is watched on a lesson page, that lesson page will be marked as completed.