Valamis LXP 4.13 Release Notes

We're happy to announce the new 4.13 version of Valamis LXP!

Here are the improvements that are coming with it.

Multiple payment methods support in eCommerce

You can now select what kinds of payment methods will be available to the user. If multiple methods are allowed, users will be able to select the one they want during checkout.

Multiple payment methods can include various invoice providers. Invoicing here means that when the user selects that option, the order will be paid by the designated person or organization later on, while the user will immediately receive access to the purchased content. Note that any payment provider or adapter integration will need to be configured appropriately before being able to use them in eCommerce. 

Category Filter for Training Events

Vocabulary support has been expanded for Training Event filters in the sidebar.

Learning Path localization in Certificate templates 

Localization in Learning Paths is now reflected in Certificate Templates settings. 

Predefined scope filter in Gradebook Viewer

You can now set a default scope in the old Gradebook portlet - All Courses vs. Current Course.