Valamis LXP 4.3 Release Notes

We're proud to announce the new Valamis LXP 4.3 version! 

It includes several improvements to recommendation features, introduces a new Saved list, new Course manager preferences, and many other upgrades.

 Recommend similar courses

Similar courses portlet is a new part of our recommendation toolbox, which allows you to recommend the Courses similar to the one the user is currently on

The similarity is derived from common course categories. If at least one category is shared, the course will be recommended here. 

Just like in the recommendation ribbons, you can choose to either consider user completion history or ignore it, which will make it more random. 

You can also limit the number of shown courses.

Mixed content for trending lists and recommendations

From now on, you can display multiple types of content at once in the recommendation ribbon. In the Preferences -> Content type, simply select the types you want.

Training events are now also supported here.

You can also limit the number of displayed items from the Preferences. 

Save content for later viewing

You can now add various learning items to a “Saved” list for easier access later on. This includes lessons, learning paths, courses, assignments, and training events. 

Adding content to Saved

Just click the bookmark button to add the item to Saved.

To remove it, click this button again on the item you want to delete from the list.

You can add content to Saved from the following places:

  • Search results (for all types of content)
  • Course Browser
  • Learning Paths
  • Assignments
  • Lesson Viewer
  • Training events

Viewing Saved content

For learners to access the Saved list, create a course page and add the portlet to that page.

It has several tabs for each of the 5 types of content. 

You can click on any Saved item to access it. 

There’s also an icon in the top bar of the Valamis LXP Theme that you can enable in the Theme settings for quick access to the Saved page. 

New Course Manager Preferences 

You can now hide the following options from instructors when they create new courses:

  • Full description
  • Availability period

New settings that you can predefine for new courses in the Preferences include:

  • Course completion criteria
  • Course activeness status
  • Organization site creation

Remember that when you predefine an option, it’s also hidden from instructors, so they cannot edit it.

You can now also use custom title for the portlet, using Look & Feel settings. For this to work, enable the corresponding option in Preferences.

Add new items with icons to the sidebar

In the Theme sidebar, you can now add new items with links to specific pages.

Go to Configuration -> Theme settings -> Product menu, and click Add menu item at the bottom.

You will see a "New item" appear below. By clicking on it, you can set the title, URL, apply custom CSS, and add an icon. You can also hide the menu item without deleting it, and also allow it to be seen by guest users. 

To add an icon to an item, you first need to go to the Theme icons tab and upload all the icons that you require. The icons should come in an SVG sprite. 

After this, you can add this icon to a list item in the Product menu

Other improvements

  • You can now filter by courses when adding a new learning goal to a Learning Path
  • Training events UI improvements
  • Lesson Viewer performance improved
  • Subcategories can now be added to Courses 
  • Liferay DXP SP11 support
  • Bug fixes