Valamis LXP 4.5 Release Notes

We’re happy to introduce the new Valamis LXP 4.5 version. 

It brings Google Maps to Training Events, collaborative capabilities to Assignments, improved overall accessibility, and various bug fixes. Check the details below for info about this release.

Google Maps in training events

In the info tab of a training event that takes place in a real location, it’s now possible to show it in Google Maps (Google API should be configured). This allows people to use Google Maps to find directions to where your training event would take place. 

Google Maps will be also shown, when choosing a location for a training event as an instructor. 

Edit group assignments at the same time

Collaborative work is now supported in Assignments through Etherpad integration. This feature makes it possible for the whole group to work on their group assignment at the same time in the submission text editor. 

Each user's edits are highlighted in the text with a different color. 

In the top-left corner, you can see the common editing and styling tools, like lists, undo/redo buttons, etc. You can also clear the colored highlights from the text by clicking the "eye" button. Keep in mind, that this action will clear the existing colored text highlights for all users, and you can Undo that right after. It doesn't affect the edits after that.

In the top-right corner, you have the buttons for the following:

  • Import/Export menu
  • Editing history, where you can browser document versions and even replay the editing process
  • A button to Star the current version for easier access in history later on.
  • View settings menu, where you can define various settings:
    • Make chat always visible on screen in a sidebar.
    • Make both chat and user list always visible on the screen.
    • Toggle color highlights for users.
    • Toggle line numbers.
    • Toggle right-to-left editing.
    • Change font type
    • Change UI language (for Etherpad)
  • Copy link
  • User list and color legend.

Other improvements

  • You can now download all user submissions for a selected assignment using the corresponding button in the Actions menu:

  • You can now change User Profile portlet titles to suit your needs. Just go to Configuration -> Custom Header to change them. 
  • Support for localization in Content Ribbons/Recommendations - in Preferences, you can opt to Consider user language when displaying the content, which means that only the content in the user’s language will be shown. This doesn’t include Learning Paths, yet.
  • Updated UI for adding an xAPI learning goal to a Learning Path.
  • Accessibility improvements and bug fixes.