Valamis LXP 4.8 Release Notes

We're happy to announce Valamis LXP 4.8!

It includes expanded support for Credly Badges, My Learning Paths improvements, and Integration Manager Category UI update.

Credly Badges for Training Events and Certificate Templates

Credly Badges support has been expanded to Training Events. The corresponding setting has been added to the Certification section of the Training Event info. 

Now, just like in Learning Paths, users will be able to claim their Credly Badges after participating in a Training Event. 

The Certificate Templates portlet will also show the corresponding Credly badge integration and will allow editing them. 

Learning goal list improvement

My Learning Paths now show the goals in a learning path that is a goal of another learning path. 

Categories in Integration Manager

The integration manager now has a Categories UI that you can use to add categories used on your environment to added LinkedIn Courses.

The categories will be listed in the general list of added courses in a separate column.